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  • Reduce Your Risk of Oral Cancer With a Healthy Whole Food Diet
    While genetics certainly plays a role in a person's susceptibility to various forms of cancer (including oral cancer), there are lifestyle factors that also play a role. In the case Read more
  • What Causes Dental Discomfort?
    Nothing ruins a thirst-quenching cold beverage or a dish of your favorite ice cream like a sudden pang of tooth sensitivity. If you're experiencing this problem — and especially Read more
  • Test Your Knowledge: Dentures
    Think you already know all about dentures? Answer the following questions, and see whether your understanding of false teeth is more true than false. True or False: About one-quarter of Read more
  • Help Teens Maintain Good Oral Health
    Kids do lots of changing in the teen years, as bodies and minds begin the process of becoming more “grown up.” By now, parental reminders to brush teeth and Read more
  • Five Reasons to Whiten your Teeth
    Nothing conveys confidence quite like a bright, white smile. Unfortunately, not all smiles are created equal. And, some smiles are much whiter than others. Whether your teeth have become Read more
  • What's Your Crown Made Of?
    Like the ones worn by kings and queens of old, dental crowns were traditionally made of that most “royal” of metals: solid gold. This style of crown is still Read more
  • Treating Kids' Sports-Related Dental Injuries
    They work hard, and put in lots of time on the field and at home. They learn the rules of the game — as well as the unwritten rules Read more
  • Tooth Staining and Discoloration 101 - Options for Brightening Your Smile
    If a glance in the mirror reveals stained or discolored teeth that are detracting from your self-confidence, it's time to do something about it. The first step is to Read more
  • Leave Enough Time for Your Wedding-Day Smile Makeover
    Some people are planners, and others just go with the flow. Some spend all winter in the gym, and others try and lose ten pounds right before beach season. Read more
  • Providing A Clear Alternative To Traditional Orthodontic Braces
    Years ago, if you hadn't received braces by the time you finished high school odds are you would never pursue orthodontic treatment. Most adults wouldn't have even dreamed of Read more
  • A Whiter Smile the Professional Way
    Have you ever wondered why your smile is not as white as it used to be? Well, there may be a few different reasons that your teeth have become Read more
  • What to Expect from Teething
    Throughout your child's lifetime, you will experience many important milestones together, some more pleasant than others. Teething is one of those notable milestones, and unfortunately, this “rite of passage” Read more
  • The Top Ten Main Causes of Bad Breath
    Nobody wants “halitosis,” commonly known as bad breath. Americans spend an estimated $3 billion per year on breath freshening products like candies, chewing gum and sprays, but that really Read more
  • Why Halitosis Happens
    Bad breath, or halitosis, is bad news in any social situation — whether you're having an intimate conversation with a date or simply saying hello as you shake someone's Read more
  • Are You an Athlete? Here Are Five Reasons You Should Wear a Mouthguard
    Are you ready to suit up for sports? Mouthguards have been called the most important part of an athlete's uniform. Designed to absorb and distribute the forces of impact Read more
  • Treating Chipped Teeth: A Common Sports Injury Among Kids
    One went over the handlebars of his mountain bike. Another got an elbow going for a lay-up. For a third, it was that tricky maneuver on her new snowboard... These Read more

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